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Oxchanger revolutionizes the way digital assets are spent in the real world. With its virtual and physical debit cards, users have the flexibility to use their cryptocurrencies to purchase goods and services anywhere that accepts Visa or Mastercard payments. Along with its secure non-custodial wallet, Oxchanger makes managing digital assets effortless and manageable. Not only that, but it also offers hassle-free travel bookings, making it a one-stop-shop for all your digital asset and travel needs.


OxChanger Roadmap

Distributed Chart

Airdrop (3%) Wallet: 0x3292D06029dbC4024fC7f52559E2c4fbAd99E569
Airdrop is a marketing tactic used by blockchain projects to distribute tokens or coins to a large numbers of people for free. It helps projects to raise awareness, rewards early adopters and builds a community.
Private Sale (2%) Contract: 0xfe324c7b2d333bdf83797c66bbfacf7b2d0740d6
a presale is an early fundraising event that allows investors to buy tokens or coins before they are made available to the general public. Typically, a presale offers a discounted price for early investors and often requires a minimum investment amount. Presales are commonly held to raise funds for blockchain-based projects before their official public sale or launch.
Team(7%) Wallet: 0x24533C9Ba5cda96202add20F625c5dBb15014944
We believe that our team members play an essential role in our success, which is why we have allocated 7% of our token supply to incentivize and reward them. This allocated percentage will be vested over time to ensure long-term alignment with our company's goals. Our commitment to transparency and accountability means that all tokens distributed to our team will be utilized to advance our company's development.
Reserve (7%) Wallet: 0x24533C9Ba5cda96202add20F625c5dBb15014944
of our token supply is allocated for future investments, which will enable us to explore new opportunities, partnerships, and technologies. We are committed to maximizing the potential of our company, and this allocation will allow us to make strategic investments that can benefit our ecosystem and our token holders. Our goal is to deliver long-term value to our community by facilitating relevant partnerships that will drive adoption and growth.
Liquidity Pool(12%) Pool: UniSwap
To ensure that our tokens remain easily accessible and tradable, we have allocated 12% of the total token supply from public sales + 12% of the withdrawn matics for each public sale vendor to our liquidity pool. This allocation will enable users to buy and sell our tokens quickly and seamlessly, increasing the flexibility and liquidity of our ecosystem. By incentivizing trading, we hope to encourage broader adoption of our tokens and contribute to the development of a more dynamic and vibrant market.
Staking V1 (9%) Contract V1: 0x35f656ad3a90c96a231e96e537ae3d8607145cbb
Contract V1.5: 0xeb63FdC1131A479c3cBA782ddCe803f5cdDd0fC8
Maximize the potential of your OXCH tokens through our innovative staking program. By participating in OXCH staking, you can earn shared rewards simply by locking up your tokens in our secure stake contract. Our company has already charged the stake contract with OXCH tokens, ensuring a steady flow of rewards for stakers. Staking your OXCH tokens is a smart way to actively contribute to the growth of our ecosystem while earning passive income. Our staking pool provides a safe and transparent environment for you to freeze your tokens and receive shared rewards in return.
Community and Marketing (10%) Wallet: 0x4fb0491dEBeAAF1a5EfA87E810EAbaC90085Fc67
Empowering our Marketers and Community At OXCH, we believe in the power of community and the role of effective marketing in driving the success of our project. That's why we have allocated 10% of our tokenomics specifically for community rewards and marketing initiatives. We understand the invaluable contributions made by our community members and marketers who passionately support and promote our project. By dedicating this significant portion of our resources, we aim to recognize and reward their efforts, ensuring their enthusiasm remains vibrant and their impact is acknowledged. With these rewards, we foster an environment of collaboration and inclusivity, nurturing a strong and active community that actively engages with our project. Our marketers play a vital role in spreading awareness about OXCH, reaching new audiences, and building partnerships, while our community members provide valuable insights, feedback, and support. By investing in our community and marketing efforts, we aim to fuel the growth and widespread adoption of OXCH, ensuring our vision becomes a reality. Together, we can drive the success of our project and revolutionize the industry.
Staking V2 (50%) Contract: 0x6afa836b47047b504272df4845f1c695625c1ed8
Delve into OXCH extraordinary Staking V2 program, where we allocate 50% of our tokenomics over a 4-year period. This long-term approach fosters stability within the OXCH ecosystem, ensuring controlled distribution of tokens. By participating in our transparent and secure staking contract, you unlock the true potential of your OXCH holdings, contributing to the growth of our platform. V2 Will start on Wednesday, May 1, 2024

How will OXCH Financial work?

Private Sale 2% (+Sharing) Total 66,666,666.66 OXCH will sell vendor contract.
Staking V1 9% (+Sharing)Total 299,999,999.98 OXCH Share by Staking Contract V1 and V1.5
Staking V2 50% (+Sharing)Total 1,666,666,666.5 OXCH Share by Staking Contract V2
Burn Phase (-Burning)Blockchain Project Owners Must Burn OXCH to List coins/tokens/Blockchain Projects on OXWallet. also Dex Users can pay fee's by OXCH

We are currently in the time of private sale and development of OXWallet "Click to access official website". What changes will be added to the system at each stage of the public sale will be announced here soon.

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Achievements and News

achievements and news OxChanger
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OXlabs Platform Published

OX Labs platform has been launched, providing users with the chance to take part in unique and rewarding tasks. With this innovative system, users can complete tasks offered by the platform and be rewarded with exclusive rewards such as OXCH points. By participating in these tasks, users can now get rewarded for their effort and dedication while supporting the projects they care about!

Continue Building

We are committed to providing a trustworthy platform for our users and continuously working to improve our services. With this in mind, we strive to make sure our platform is secure and reliable by ensuring data protection and providing regular updates and patches. We value our users and strive to make sure they have a positive experience each time they use our services.